Yarn of the Month - August 2013

Yarn of the Month - August 2013

15 % off Juniper Moon Yearling

Yarn List

Lace Weight (8+ sts/inch)
Silky Alpaca Lace by Classic Elite
Alpaca Lace by Cascade Yarns
Baby Alpaca Lace by Plymouth Yarns
Pura Kid Mohair Silk by Pura Bella Yarns
Super Kid Seta by Trendsetter

Sock Weight (7 sts/inch)
Tosh Merino Light by Madeline Tosh
Mericash Solid by Punta
Lana Del Artista by Rio De La Plata
Soft Sea Wool by Reynolds
Santa Fe by Aslan Trends
Ella Rea Lace Marino
Heritage Handpaints by Cascade Yarns
Cherub Baby by Cascade Yarns
Baby Ull by Dale

DK (5.5 sts/inch)
Tosh Merino DK by Madeline Tosh
Baby Cashmerino and Silk by Sublime
Baby Silk and Bamboo by Sublime
Wool Bamboo by Classic Elite
220 Superwash Sport by Cascade
Encore DK by Plymouth Yarns
Kid Mohair Handpainted by Punta
Soft Linen by Classic Elite
Verano Handpainted Cotton
by Pagewood Farms

Worsted Weight (4.5 - 5 sts/inch)
Cascade 220 by Cascade Yarns
Silk Garden by Noro
Invernal by Aslan Trends
Venezia by Cascade
Royal Alpace by Aslan Trends
Rustic by Cascade
Luna by Cascade
Eco Duo by Cascade
Merisoft by Punta
King Baby Lama & Mulberry Silk by Aslan Trends
Giselle by Classic Elite
Pima Classico by Aslan Trends
Tinted Tweed by Woodstock Knits
Luxe Alpace by Woodstock Knits
Mericash Thousand Colors by Punta

Wool Classica by Manos
Iro by Noro
Ecological Wool and Eco + by Cascade
Handpaint Chunky and Solid Alpaca by Misti Alpaca
Sprout by Classic Elite

Super Bulky
Nadeshiko by Noro
Swagger by Pagewood Farms
Flame by Punta
Giant Purls by Pagewood Farms
Handspun Bouquet by Pagewood Farms
Ringlets by Pagewood Farms
Fuzzy Purls by Pagewood Farms
Toboggan by Classic Elite
Dune by Trendsetter
Improv by Trendsetter
Flamenco by Trendsetter
Flounce by KFI

Update - May 2, 2013

Oh happy spring!

The door is open and the breeze feels perfect!

Yesterday's open door welcomed the new shipment of MadelineTosh yarns.  It was well worth the six month wait! We've got 18 glorious colors of both Merino DK and Tosh Light.  The colors are so rich and deep.  I've spent way too many hours on Ravelry trying to find just the right project to start.

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Update - August 2013

Hello everyone.  I hope the dog days of summer are not getting you down and you've managed to get some stitches on your hooks and needles, even in the unbearable heat.   It's been cool as a cucumber in the shop thanks to Mark Martin (206-2838), the fabulous heating/cooling master, who fixed the AC ASAP, every time it went kaputz.  As a result I have been making and finishing items all summer.  I'm as surprised as you are, given my poor track record for actually finishing.

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Yarn of the Month - September 2013

Yarn of the Month - September 2013

15% Cyochin - a new Noro yarn

aran weight with a little mohair

Update - September 6, 2013

Fabulous Fall is here and the shop shows it!  I've pushed out the walls and raised the roof to expand the yarn selection!  Your old favorites, MadelineTosh and Malabrigo, have arrived in all their glory and many of you have already gotten some on your needles.  I've also added tons of new yarns that I hope you'll love.  Come and see Malabrigo Sock and lots of new colors of Malabrigo Silkpaca Lace, Debbie Bliss Eco Baby organic cotton DK, and Cascade's Bentley (a tweed acrylic blend in bright kid colors), and Plymouth's Encore Mega (2 sts/inch).

Touch Cascade 128 Superwash and Plymouth's Super Merino Select, both super soft, superwash merino yarns.  I've also added tons of colors for one of my most popular merino and alpaca blends, Eco Duo.  I have lots of new colors of Ella Rae Worsted Merino and added the DK version.

I've also added a new Noro yarn Cyochin.  It's an aran weight with a little mohair that I think will look fabulous as an easy knit bulky wrap or poncho.  For that reason it is my yarn of the month and will be 15% off through September 31.

In adding all these new yarns and new colors I have needed some space so the 30% off wall is exploding with some nice yarns that I had to let go.

For those of you who read my utterly misstated last e-mail about expecting a new baby in October, I'm not pregnant.  We are expecting a new baby in the family.  The shower is fast approaching and I'm not done knitting so it's all blankets, boleros, bonnets, and booties.  Wish me luck...with the knitting only, thank you.

All the Alaska projects were completed just as the packing was being done.  I loved how the embroidered socks came out but I didn't get pictures and he hasn't unpacked it all yet.  Pictures to follow.

Sharon and I have put together some exciting fall classes so check out the schedule.

See you soon!

Update - September 24, 2013

I'm sitting here with the door open enjoying that fall breeze that is so refreshing after the summer's humidity.  I've been trying to get my hands on all that new yarn I talked about in my last note and get some fun classes together to get everyone excited about picking up their hooks and needles again.

I've made booties out of the Plymouth Merino Select.  The beautiful twist shows off my stitches so nicely and I'm sure mama will love that it's such a soft superwash. I've started a hat out of the luxurious Highland Duo, which is the solid color version of the Eco Duo which many of you made Sasha's Shawl out of. 

The 50/50 alpaca/merino blend is so soft and the solid colors are subtly beautiful.  As I have wound it several times, I have coveted the Marisol Ushya.  It's soft and lofty, super bulky but lightweight.  I have in mind a quickly project, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/greyfriars-oversized-pullover, to satisfy my craving for this yarn and fall-like cables.  Where else can you find instant gratification and cables too?

So, the Blue Heron man was back.  Oh my, I just had to get more of his delicious Rayon Metallic in some deep, rich colors for fall.  He had something new for me this time that I could not resist, a hand dyed rayon chenille.  It feels silky and warm and its sheen shows off the colors so glamorously. He provided a free pattern for a one skein, felted scarf or cowl done in an easy but fun stitch.  Come and touch it!

Celeste is making Simply, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/simply, out of the Yarn of the Month, Noro Cyochin.  This is another quick project perfect for fall and super flattering over a tee shirt and jeans. I'll be sure to 'borrow' it for a bit after she cast's off.

As always, the 30% off wall has some new additions.  I need the space to make room for new things so this win/win wall works for everyone!

With the exception of an inch of baby blanket yet to finish, I sent off all the baby items.  Everything came out so nice and I'm excited to have a beautiful girl, Keira, to keep knitting/crocheting for. I can't wait to meet her!

Sharon and I came up with a few new classes so check out the list and let me know what works for you.  There is still room in some of the classes starting this weekend so give me a call if you can join.

See you soon!


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