Last Minute Quick Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

Super Fast, Serious Wow Factor
These last minute go-to ideas will give the gift of your love 
as they fly off your needles, 
ALL using any of this week's SALE yarns.
1.  Pony Tail/Messy Bun Hats:  Ok, so last week I saw one person wearing a pony tail hat and remembered that I'd seen a pattern for one before.  This week, they are all over Ravelry and people are asking for patterns all day.  I think Pinterest is to blame (or credit).  Here's a pattern that I like and a few more just for fun
2. Cowls:  I know you've made a million but I can wear a million and everyone loves them under coats, over their heads, atop their tee-shirts...

3. Wraps:  So elegant and cozy, these are fast and so gorgeous

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