Update - December 27, 2016

While Hanukkah will continue until New Year's Day, most of the holiday gift making is complete.  It's time to focus on something wonderful for yourself.   Whether you choose to make something simple and elegant that just for you or to challenge yourself with a new technique, now's the time to focus on you and your craft.  
Take the time to enjoy the feel of the wool in your fingers.  Let it improve your mood, mind and body. It seems this year there's been article after article about how knitting and crochet can help with everything from artheritis to anxiety and brain health (Google it!).  We've all known this since we first picked up a needle or hook but now that the stress of completing gifts is behind us, let's use it! Let's rejuvinate with our sticks and string.
We'll be starting a new Friday Morning Sweater soon and we've added a Tuesday morning Chix class (see both below) but class or not, we've got loads of ideas that should do the trick for you.  The designers are cranking out fabulous lace cardigans and simple but gorgeous pullovers (for a first sweater maybe?).  How about starting a fabulous afghan? See my ideas below or stop by and talk to me about yours. I'd love to help you get started and see you through to cast off!
See you soon!

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