Update - June 29, 2017

The summer heat is here but my desire for wool in my fingers hasn't cooled at all.  I'm having that 'can't stop starting' syndrome where every project I see looks appealing and every yarn is delicious.   The only way to do it all and to justify it is to plan some classes.  The more the merrier!  Check them out below.
My hands are moving fast and furiously on a morph of these two sweaters.  I love the gauge and shape and pouch of  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shellseeker and the neckline and hem of  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ease-2 .  I'm making it in red for Patrice for college which is coming up quickly.  MUST KNIT FASTER!  In the moments when I'm not knitting that, I felt the need to hook so I filled a bag full of gardeny green and creamy white Mega for http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lokelani-chunky-crochet-blanket .  The floral motifs are moving so quickly so that I really don't have to justify the extra project (It's not a sickness...really).


Ilma walked into the shop the other day with a bottle of wine for me and I thought it was so nice of her.  Then I realized it was a hint.  It's time for wine.  We haven't had a wine and cheese night in a long time.  I haven't lined up a victim for another 'Meet the Knitter Night' so I thought we should have a show and tell night.  Wear or bring your favorite sweater.  If you're not going to wear it and you are able to bring it a head of time we'll display it in the shop with your name, the pattern name, and the yarn.  I hope to see you there next Friday, July 7, from 7:00 - 8:30. We'll have lots of raffle prizes and plenty of yarn specials.  Details below. Come and join us!


Note: Last year we added Amy Herzog's CustomFit program at the shop.  This is an outstanding program and her designs and patterns are excellent but the program is not worked here at Out of hte Loop.  If you came to last years fit event and didn't get your pattern yet, don't worry, we can get it at any time.  I still have all the measurements.  I will, however, lose the digital patterns and measurements that have been typed into the CustomFit shop page.  I will get .pdf's of all purchased patterns before I cancel the shop subscription.


See you soon,

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