Update - November 5, 2013

Like me, most of you are probably thinking about if not well into your holiday knitting.  For the most part I knit for the shop (shop = me) but I look forward to this time of year when I can think about the people I love and bestow my beloved craft on them.  With each stitch I imagine them wearing the object or opening the package. I hope they will love the colors I've chosen and that they will love knowing that they've been the focus of many hours of my attention.  I hope they will know how special they are to me when they receive what I believe to be something much more special than a gift I would purchase.  Just like a purchased gift, though, there is much reward in the giving because you give the gift of your heart, your time, and your thoughts.  Since my gift receivers may be reading this I will keep my project plans secret but stop by if you need some ideas.


One thing that keeps popping into my mind is felting or fulling.  This is the process that transforms a knit or crocheted wool item into a dense object by agitating it while wet.  You can use it to make items that require a fabric that is more dense than a typical knit or crocheted fabric. It was very much on the radar a few years ago but I haven't had people ask about it much lately.  It's a great idea for gift giving because of the fabulous and quick projects you can create from home to personal accessories. Here are some of my favorites: knit bowls, crochet bowls, knit slippers, crochet slippers.  There are also coasters, purses, vase covers, ipad or phone covers, and tons more.  Think of something and we can work out a pattern.

To inspire you to felt, I have made Cascade 220 worsted wool the yarn of the month and it will be 15% off for the month of November.  This is a basic that typically wouldn't be on sale but it's such a great yarn and has been ignored recently in favor of softer, superwash merino wools.  Cascade 220,  however, is my 'go to' yarn for anything that requires some structure.  I use it for cabled vests or cardigans because it feels so wonderfully wooly and holds it's shape perfectly.  It's colors and texture make it perfect for felting/fulling.  It's time to give Cascade 220 a try, again.

As you may have noticed, I'm changing the shop's business hours.   In an attempt to keep costs down so that the yarn selection can be optimal, I have made the following changes.  Beginning November 30, the shop will close one hour early on Saturday at 4:00 instead of 5:00 and will be closed on Sundays.   For Nancy's Sunday regulars, I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  You'll find our wonderful Nancy here on every first and third Saturday of the month.  For those of you who haven't yet met Nancy, she's an amazing knitter and crocheter who has been our Sunday girl for a long time.  She has many years of knitting and crochet experience and you'll love her funny and loving spirit.

See you soon!

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