Update - April 15, 2015

It finally feels like spring is here and I'm excited to put away the boots for shoes and replace sweaters with long sleeve shirts and a shawl.

Spring Sidewalk Sale

With spring in mind, I want to clean out the shop to make room for new yarns.  Starting this Saturday, through next Friday, April 24, stop by to check out the Spring Sidewalk Sale.  I'm making a long list of beautiful yarns to move out to the sidewalk and mark down to 20% - 30% OFF.  Come in to see some surprise sales inside as well.

New Classes/Workshops

I'm so excited to welcome back my fabulous Jaya to teach a toe up sock class starting at the end of the month.  It's been way too long since I listened to her flawlessly leading a class through a new technique.  Check the class schedule for details about this and some other exciting new classes.

A Call for Chemo Caps

A young girl who is very special to me was diagnosed with leukemia this week.  She will be spending the next several weeks or months in Maria Ferrari Children's Hospital at the Westchester Medical Center.  Last night I noticed several children that could use a comfortable hat.  If any of you will commit to knitting the hat, I will provide a free kit that includes the yarn and the pattern.  Please return them to the shop for donation by May 16. I will bring them to her the following day. Thank you in advance for helping to make their lives a tiny bit more comfortable.  #prayforkelly

Suffering from The Sugar Blues?

On Friday, April 24, from 7:00 - 9:30, Debbie Jordan, a certified health coach, has offered her time to talk about our bodies and sugar.  She'll tell us how our misconceptions about sugar are making us fat.  You'll hear how to take control of the constant cravings without feeling deprived.  Her lecture is free but please sign up soon so that we can reserve the limited space in the shop.

Happy Spring!


Theresa Kirby
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