Update - March 5, 2016


Last month's celebration of Sasha's knitting accomplishments was a huge success and I had a blast.  I was thrilled to see so many of you come to be inspired the enormity of her collection and the variety of styles she creates.  I hope you'll be able to join us this Friday for our next event.  Joyce has her finger on the pulse of knitting fashion trends and her needles are constantly cranking out items I can't wait to model for her!  We'll have wine and cheese, of course, and some yummy desserts.  If you can join us, the company will be fabulous.   We'll have all her patterns and offer 10%  off any projects you'd like to start. 

As promised for last month's Super Ball Sale, the shelves are filling up quickly with spring yarns.  There's 100% silk ribbon, Cotton/Cashmere, and sequins from Lana Grossa.  We have gorgeous 100% linen ribbon and cotton/alpaca from Lang and Cotton/Alpaca from Berroco (yarn of the month). 

Please also check the class schedule since you can jump into many of the ongoing classes anytime.  The Friday Sweater Class is going great.  I have just inserted my pockets and I put the pattern that goes around the yoke inside the pocket to peek out.  I love it.  Many people are working on their body and a few are up to the sleeves.  My Great American Afghan is starting to feel like I could finish it.  I just want to sit down and complete all the squares now!

I hope we'll see you next Friday or sometime soon!


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